Our Company

At Foundation Wealth Advisors, LLC, we strive to stand out from the typical wealth management firm and provide a higher level of care, trust, and fiduciary responsibility. We believe clients choose to work with us for several reasons, including:

Our Lifelong Commitment

We are committed to you, your family, and your business. In the overwhelming and ever-changing world of finance, we provide clarity on your existing situation and develop a starting point. We then learn about your near and long term objectives and build a comprehensive plan to fulfill them. 

Our Strong Client Relationships

We enjoy working closely with our clients and watching them pursue their goals over the years. We stay in frequent contact with our clients, offering ongoing advice, guidance, and communication.

Our Independence

As an independent firm, we always act in our clients’ best interests. We have no obligation to any investment products or services that could lead to conflicts of interest, meaning a client’s interests are our interests.

Our Principle

Our strategies are totally transparent and it is essential that you understand how your assets are being managed. Your account information is available to you at all times through your online account. Your investment statements are produced by the account custodians and not by our firm assuring you of true account transparency.

Our Fiduciary Care

With the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation, we have a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply fiduciary practices. AIF designees have a reputation in the industry for the ability to implement a prudent process into their own investment practices as well as being able to assist others in implementing proper policies and procedures.